Unitrans Africa

An Extensive agricultural Footprint in Africa

Comprehensive agriculture services incorporating precision farming.

Unitrans Africa follows a strong “partnership” approach to deliver tailored end-to-end agricultural solutions by:
  • Bringing innovation and implementing mechanisation to key farming activities;
  • Delivering state of the art tailored solutions to solve production issues unique to each operation;
  • Introducing precision agriculture, artificial intelligence, business analytics and informative-reporting to drive efficiencies and to deliver real-time decision making;
  • Providing access to the largest Africa team of passionate, dedicated and experienced individuals to work with your business and to achieve your goals.

Profitability and Relationships

All solutions are expected to drive customer profitability (including yield optimisation) and deliver cost benefits across the specified operations. Unitrans Africa’s relationships of more than 20 years demonstrates long-term sustainability and improved performance.

Unitrans Africa Cross Functional Team

Unitrans Africa has a leading innovation and delivery team. The competencies range from process designs and value engineering, operational excellence to drive continuous improvement including all the benefits of the 4th Industrial revolution technology.

Agriculture services

Infrastructure services

Unitrans Africa use bulldozers to bring about bush clearing and soil ripping to effectively clear native vegetation. Ongoing ploughing turns over the uppermost soil and thereby bring fresh nutrients to the surface. To further complement the land preparation, harrowing is implemented to break up the soil further for more productive use. Through ridging the fields are contoured to provide the desired drainage.

Agricultural automation is core to mechanisation of which GPS guided auto-steer and laser guided land levelling are two notable applications. Private road building and maintenance further support field production and haulage services. The strategically located operations have broad experience to use heavy duty equipment such as excavators and dumpers to develop and maintain drainage networks.

Agriculture Services involving land preperation through plouging
Agricultural Technology by Unitrans Africa involving laser guided land levelling

Agriculture transportation

Field production services

Agricultural Transport of Sugar Cane

The agricultural production systems include mechanised and automated land preparation, planting, soil and plant profiling building yield maps, leading to a host of variable rate applications of fertilizer, pesticides and ripening services. As part of the Unitrans Africa specialist design competencies, the team designs and specify equipment to minimise the impact on the fields. This competency is a world class one available in Africa.

In Transit

Product movement services

Unitrans Africa has built a reputation as the leading service provider in the load-and-haul of sugar cane. Over many decades various ways of loading have been tested including wheeled loading and excavator loading, which are specialist applications. Performance based designs are used to provide the most effective road-trains, multi-drives and other performance enhancing haulage combinations to suit each situation.