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Energy and Agriculture Logistics

Unitrans Malawi follows a strong “partnership” approach to deliver tailored end-to-end agricultural solutions by:

  • Bringing innovation and implementing mechanisation to key farming activities;
  • Delivering state of the art tailored solutions to solve production issues unique to each operation;
  • Introducing precision agriculture, artificial intelligence, business analytics and informative-reporting to drive efficiencies and to deliver real-time decision making;
  • Providing access to the largest Africa team of passionate, dedicated and experienced individuals to work with your business and to achieve your goals.

Unitrans promotes key agricultural fleet management strategies such as minimising the harvest-to-milling window for optimal crop freshness, whilst taking care to avoid destructive levels of infield compaction through carefully engineered fleeting. The minimising of mill and factory stops, along with consistent deliveries, are key aspects of our successful logistics operations.

Unitrans Africa Mozambique consists of 5 business units, including 4 agricultural estates across 3 districts of the country, passenger terminals in the Northern Province and a specialized transportation unit in the Maputo province offering services across SADC countries. All of the depots and operations are operated under the highest safety standards and have been accredited under OHSAS 18001, ISO9001 and ISO 14001.

Agricultural Services

Farm to Factory

  • Mechanical Harvesting Excavator and Wheeled Loading
  • Masscane & Loose Cane Operations
  • Land Trains
  • 3 Trailor Combinations
  • Rigid Drawbars

GPS Guided Land Preparation 

  • Mechanical Harvesting Excavator and Wheeled Loading
  • Masscane & Loose Cane Operations
  • Land Trains
  • 3 Trailor Combinations
  • Rigid Drawbars

Infrastructure Maintenance

  • Road building
  • Road maintenance
  • Irrigation and drainage canals
  • Excavation & dosing
  • Dumper work

Reach and Targeted Solutions Pay Off

Richard MacNicol

Richard MacNicol, Team Lead at Unitrans Mozambique:

“Having spent the last 12 years getting to know Mozambique, we know how to find and apply the right solutions for the task at hand”

Our Partners

Partner with Unitrans in Mozambique

Agricultural Services

Comprehensive agriculture services incorporating precision farming.

Bulk Handling & Mining

Bulk handling, distribution, logistics, and fleet management.

Road Haulage & Rail

Market leader in petrochemical, fuel and energy services in Africa.
Social Responsibility

Our People

Unitrans Africa Mozambique contributes to various social development causes in line with the Unitrans Africa’s group policy for sustainable corporate social development. The social responsibility of Unitrans Africa Mozambique is therefore part of the business concept and has been motivated by the needs of the communities in the areas that we operate. We identify numerous projects supporting local communities and their livelihoods in key development priorities related to health, safety, and education. These key development priorities are all designed and structured to incorporate road safety awareness campaigns as a key objective. Over the past number of years several contributions took place as can be seen below.





"Helping to build economies in Africa"

Making us proud

Our Awards


Elegible for NOSCAR Award


5 Star NOSA Safety Certificate Excellence Award, NOSA Eastern Region - 2nd Place


5 star NOSA safety certificate


5 star NOSA safety certificate


Customer Compliance


Unitrans Mozambique

Unitrans Xinavane Depot

Unitrans Mozambique Xinavane depot is located approximately 120km north of Maputo city along the coast of Mozambique. Xinavane operates on an estate that stretches roughly 110km from end to end and covers approximately 18’000ha of land under sugar cane. The Unitrans Xinavane depot offers a wide range of services to its customer (Tongaat Hulett) which include but are not limited to, load and haul of sugar cane, land preparation and workshop maintenance services. The Xinavane depot delivers approximately 1.3 million tons of raw sugar cane to the Xinavane factory per annum where it is processed. The Unitrans Africa brand and professional services has recently seen the addition of small scale grower cane included in the delivery by Unitrans Mozambique to the factory with continuous enquiries from prospective customers ranging from bulk transport requirements to other land preparations services needed by farmers and businesses in and around the surrounding areas.

Unitrans Mafambisse Depot

Unitrans Mozambique Mafambisse depot is located in the province of Sofala, approximately 50km inland from Beira, on the Tongaat Hulett Sugar Estate. Managed by an experienced team of agricultural, transport and maintenance services personnel, Unitrans Mafambisse provides a whole range of Farm to Factory support services. From 2001, Unitrans Mozambique has been working on the Mafambisse estate and is considered a unique farming solution within the Loose Cane Haulage system. Services on the estate range from agricultural land preparation services to general estate maintenance services, canal clearing and loading and haulage. Throughout its contract the Mafambisse depot has established itself as a supplier of choice in the district.

Unitrans Marromeu Depot

Unitrans Mozambique Marromeu depot is located approximately 500km north of Beira city along the coast of Mozambique. Marromeu operates on Sena Sugar Estate on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River approximately sixty kilometers inland from the coast. Marromeu is a new depot set up in 2020. It currently offers line haul cane haulage and loading services for sugar cane for the Sena Sugar Company for the 2020 season. With huge opportunity for growth, the Marromeu depot aims at establishing itself with the excellence Unitrans Africa is known for in Mozambique.

Unitrans Maragra Depot

Unitrans Mozambique Maragra depot is located in the province of Manhica, adjacent to the coastline of Mozambique approximately 80km north of Maputo, at Manhica district and home to Illovo Sugar Africa. The depot is managed by an experienced team of agricultural, transport and maintenance services personnel, and provides a whole range of Farm to Factory services. Currently the Maragra depot holds a fleet of loaders, rigid drawbar trucks, bell tandem, tug out tractors, front end loaders and graders. The team offers dedicated and professional services in loading, haulage, land preparation, road maintenance, bagasse and cane handling for its long term client and partner Illovo Sugar Mozambique.

Unitrans Maputo Depot

The Unitrans Mozambique Maputo depot has been in operation since 2017 and offers a dedicated national and cross border transportation service of dangerous goods including fuels, LPG, lubricants, and general cargo including food products, raw materials, and cement. The extensive range of products are carried by our specialized fleet engineered to suit specific product and client requirements. The depot operates in compliance with the highest international safety standards and holds several accreditations for dangerous goods management and environmental systems management through ISO and SQUAS.

Unitrans Africa Mozambique  Driving Academy

Investing in our people is vital to continuously improve our services. Given the specialised services provided, Unitrans Mozambique Maputo depot also runs its own accredited Unitrans Africa Mozambique Driving Academy in Dangerous Goods. This provides training to drivers across the Unitrans Mozambique operations with the strategic knowledge and critical skills required to operate vehicle combinations and manage hazardous goods in international road transport.

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