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Trust Center

Welcome to the Unitrans Africa Trust Centre which provides all the most important documentation detailing the way in which we collect and use information flowing to us from your use of our Website. We strive to provide services that at all times support our company values in order to build trust between us and our stakeholders. As part of our corporate values Unitrans Africa subscribes to conduct all its activities in a legal and ethical manner and comply to strict standards to ensure we provide best-in-class services.

We believe that simplicity is key and that plain and understandable terms, policies and/or legal notices help to ensure a common understanding between parties – setting the foundation for a mutually beneficial relationship. In light of this approach, we want our policies on certain important issues to be clear, succinct and available, even if people seldom take the time to read them. For us they are important and is a cornerstone of our commitment to provide leading Supply Chain and Mechanisation Solutions in Africa.

These legal notices describe (and apply) to the services we provide:


Privacy Policy

This sets out how we process any information from our website.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics sets out the core principles of Unitrans Africa on some of the most important ethical issues in a business environment.

Website Terms of Use

This sets out the terms and conditions of anyone’s use of our website.

Cookie Policy

This sets out how we use cookies on this website in order to improve our website’s performance.

PAIA Manual

This details how Unitrans Africa, forms a part of KAP Industrial Holdings Ltd. as its Contractual Logistics Division-Africa.