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Land Preparation, Haulage and Transportation

Unitrans Africa Tanzania believes that strong “partnerships” fosters strong business relationships. Given this approach we aim to deliver tailored end-to-end agricultural solutions by:

  • Bringing innovation and implementing mechanisation to key farming activities;
  • Delivering state of the art tailored solutions to solve production issues unique to each operation;
  • Introducing precision agriculture, artificial intelligence, business analytics and informative-reporting to drive efficiencies and to deliver real-time decision making;
  • Providing access to the largest Africa team of passionate, dedicated and experienced individuals to work with your business and to achieve your goals.

Unitrans Africa promotes key agricultural fleet management strategies such as minimising the harvest-to-milling window for optimal crop freshness, whilst taking care to avoid destructive levels of infield compaction through carefully engineered fleeting. The minimising of mill and factory stops, along with consistent deliveries, are key aspects of our successful logistics operations.

Unitrans Africa Tanzania
Unitrans Africa Tanzania Agricultural sugar cane Haulage

The full range of agricultural services can be seen below:

Farm to Factory

Mechanical Harvesting Excavator and Wheeled Loading

Masscane & Loose Cane Operations

Land Trains

3 Trailor Combinations

Rigid Drawbars

Land Preparation GPS GUIDED

Bush Clearing

Ripping. Ploughing Harrowing & GPS Guided Leveling

Mechanical Planting, Fertilizing (VRA) & Ripening (VRA)

Drone/Mechanical Herbicide Application

Ridging (GPS guided auto-steer)

Soil Profiling & Yield Mapping

Infrastructure Maintenance

Road Building

Road Maintenance

Irrigation and Drainage Canals

Excavation & Dosing

Dumper Work


Focus on Ensuring Growth and Prosperity

David Tayler, the General Manager of Unitrans Africa Malawi and Tanzania, has lead the Business Unit for 2 years after being involved in Unitrans business development for over 8 years: “My vision for the region’s success lies in the conversion of opportunities into sustainable business, ensuring growth and prosperity to all.“

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Corporate Social Initiatives

Community Development

Unitrans acknowledges that it has a key role and responsibility in supporting the communities in the areas in which it operates. The group addresses this through a focus on community development, education and childcare.

Throughout the group, individual operations identify and are involved in social projects that are aligned with their strategies and that are usually in close proximity to the operations, to make the biggest impact and difference to the communities.

The businesses actively engages with community members and works with community organisations, NGOs and various community service delivery organisations to develop the appropriate projects and to successfully execute these projects to the best advantage of the recipients.

Social Responsibility

Our People

Unitrans Africa Tanzania contributes to various social development causes in line with the Unitrans Africa’s group policy for sustainable corporate social development. As such, and in support of this objective Unitrans Africa Tanzania contributes to numerous social development projects in the communities wherein they operate. Over the past number of year several contributions took place, notable inclusions being:

  • Assistance with Equipment and machinery to clean and clear garden rubble and provide maintenance services for several surrounding staff and community villages.
  • Funding and maintenance upgrades to the Kilombero Community swimming pool.
  • Hosting of regular corporate social events to the benefit of the Kilombero Community Charitable Trust (“KCCT”).
  • Regular Safety Discussions and Briefs as well as Public Services Announcements over various Radio Broadcast Platforms aimed at raising awareness to the dangers related to transport activities at schools and several community forums in and around operational areas.
  • Founding Member and Continuing Participation in the Kilombero Community Charitable Trust (“KCCT”):  Read more >

Making us proud

Our Awards

  • 2019

    National Tanzania Occupational Health and Safety Awards: AOSH Agricultural 1st Prize

  • 2018

    National Tanzania Occupational Health and Safety Awards:

    AOSH Agricultural Runner Up; and

    AOSH Manufacturing Second Runner Up.

An overview of

Unitrans Tanzania

Unitrans Tanzania Limited has been in operating in Tanzania for more than 20 years. Historically, the company has been predominantly involved in providing bespoke and top in class agricultural logistics services at its operations located in Kilombero, Tanzania. It has established itself as a leading agricultural and logistics service provider for large agricultural multinational corporations. Unitrans Tanzania aims to grow its market size in Tanzania within the next couple of years and expand its transport and supply chain solutions offerings in line with the operations it provides in neighbouring territories.   At present, it employs over 350 people and has 40 pieces of equipment in operation aimed at providing best in class transport and logistics solutions to its customers and clients. In developing strong regional business partners Unitrans Africa Tanzania leverages its Southern Africa Footprint to guarantee safe, reliable and innovative supply chain and agricultural transport engineering solutions.

Unitrans Africa Tanzania purposefully commits to maintain safe operations at all its sites and views SHEQ as a critical part of its business. Accordingly, conformance to all SHEQ principles, policies and procedures in accordance with good corporate practice and law is non-negotiable. We have developed complete and comprehensive best-in-class SHEQ management systems that comprises policies and procedures which align with international best practice.

Furthermore, comprehensive and continuous training sessions are done throughout the year to actively encourage employees and stakeholders to act in accordance with all safety policies and procedures – SAFETY STARTS WITH YOU. Unitrans Tanzania also offers customized compliance to customer requirements, but always works towards “Zero Harm”, through the belief that all incidents are preventable through corrective and preventative actions. In keeping with this strong safety focus we are proud to state that we are compliant in the following Safety and Quality codes:

  • OHSAS 18001;
  • ISO9001; and
  • ISO 14001.

“Helping to build economies in Africa”

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