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Agriculture Logistics Services in Zambia

Unitrans Africa Zambia is an exciting new team focussed on the Agriculture Sector.  It provides Land Preparation services, in Mazabuka Zambia and has been ongoing for several years. It performs all types of operations ranging from primary tillage to GPS land forming.

Unitrans Africa Zambia delivers tailored end-to-end agricultural solutions by:

  • Bringing innovation and implementing mechanisation to key farming activities;
  • Delivering state of the art tailored solutions to solve production issues unique to each operation;
  • Introducing precision agriculture, artificial intelligence, business analytics and informative-reporting to drive efficiencies and to deliver real-time decision making; and
  • Providing access to the largest Africa team of passionate, dedicated and experienced individuals to work with your business and to achieve your goals.

Unitrans Africa Zambia also provides Cane Loading and Haulage services on the Nakambala Sugar Estate and surrounding farms. We promote efficient agricultural fleet management strategies such as minimising the harvest-to-milling window for optimal crop freshness, whilst taking care to avoid destructive levels of infield compaction through carefully engineered fleeting. The minimising of mill and factory stops, along with consistent deliveries, are key aspects of our successful agricultural logistics operations. Unitrans Africa Zambia has signed a long term sugar cane haulage contract with Zambia Sugar and has deployed latest technology assets which maximize payloads, increase efficiencies and reduce operating costs.

Unitrans Africa Zambia Map
Unitrans Africa Zambia Sugar Cane Loading
Unitrans Africa Zambia Sugar Cane Weighed at Weighbridge

The full range of agricultural services can be seen below:

Farm to Factory

Mechanical Harvesting Excavator and Wheeled Loading

Masscane & Loose Cane Operations

Land Trains

3 Trailor Combinations

Rigid Drawbars

Land Preparation GPS GUIDED

Bush Clearing

Ripping. Ploughing Harrowing & GPS Guided Leveling

Mechanical Planting, Fertilizing (VRA) & Ripening (VRA)

Drone/Mechanical Herbicide Application

Ridging (GPS guided auto-steer)

Soil Profiling & Yield Mapping

Infrastructure Maintenance

Road Building

Road Maintenance

Irrigation and Drainage Canals

Excavation & Dosing

Dumper Work


Investing in Technology to Optimise Services

Bruce Fraser, General Manager of Unitrans Africa Zambia has been a part of the team since 2011, specialising in fleet management and now as GM: “We invest heavily in technology so as to reduce the cost of inputs and maximize profitability of all stakeholders in the value chain. We are looking to expand our service offering in the region in line with group core competencies enthusiastically and passionately. We are striving to deliver best in class service to all current and future customers“.

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Corporate Social Initiatives

Community Development

Unitrans Africa acknowledges that it has a key role and responsibility in supporting the communities in the areas in which it operates. The group addresses this through a focus on community development, education and childcare.

Throughout the group, individual operations identify, and are involved in social projects that are aligned with their strategies. These social projects are usually in close proximity to the operations, to make the biggest impact and difference to the communities.

The businesses actively engages with community members and works with community organisations, NGOs and various community service delivery organisations to develop the appropriate projects and to successfully execute these projects to the best advantage of the recipients.

Employee of the Month Unitrans Africa Zambia gets recogintion for their excellent performance during May 2020
Unitrans Africa Zambia Team

Social Responsibility

Our People

Unitrans Africa Zambia contributes to various social development causes in line with the Unitrans Africa’s group policy for sustainable corporate social development. As such, and in support of this objective, Unitrans Zambia contributes to numerous social development projects in the communities wherein they operate. This includes: Land Preparation assistance and actively incorporating Road Safety Awareness Campaigns in the areas of operation.

An overview of

Unitrans Zambia

Unitrans Africa’s Zambia operations have been ongoing since 2015 when it entered the Zambia Petrochemical and Fuel Transportation and Logistics sector in line with the services it offers in neighbouring SADC countries. The Unitrans Africa Zambia Logistic office managed the import and distribution of fuel to its customers by implementing the highest SHEQ (Safety Health Environment and Quality) standards, putting the supply chain services apart from its competition. During this time Unitrans Africa Zambia’s fleet moved over 1 million litres of fuel to various operations in Zambia.

Ensuring quality service

In light of legislative and operational considerations, Unitrans Africa Zambia gradually unbundled its fuel service offering and expanded into other growth opportunities.  During 2017 Unitrans Africa Zambia expanded its services footprint to include bespoke Agricultural Land Preparation Services at the Nakambala Estate. This operation has gradually grown to include additional Agricultural Logistic Services, operations which commenced during 2020.  In line with the overall Unitrans Africa’s Group Services, Unitrans Africa Zambia looks to expand its services to the Bulk Handling and Mining Operations.  

Unitrans Zambia gained the following Safety Standards:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 18000
  • ISO 14001

“Helping to build economies in Africa”

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Nakambala Sugar Estate
Off Lubombo Rd, Kaleya Road Area

PO Box 32161, Lusaka, Zambia

Unitrans Africa Zambia - Nakambala Depot