Unitrans Africa: Unimat/Afrit Trailers

Unitrans Africa Unimat/Afrit trailers - A journey to Madagascar

During 2020 Unitrans Africa Unimat Logistics Madagascar secured a renewal on its existing mining operations in Madagascar. This confirms Unitrans Africa’s commitment to developing long term mutually sustainable business solutions with our business partners – ensuring reliable and secure services while optimizing costs, reducing environment impact and supporting local development.

In keeping with this innovative spirit, Unitrans Africa engaged with its world class suppliers at Afrit Trailer to provide specialized road trains trailers for its mining logistic services. We are proud to have been informed that Afrit made special mention of the exciting journey the specialised trailers will undertake to their new home at the Unitrans Africa Unimat Depot in Madagascar in the video below.

We thank Afrit for sharing the video with us.